Construcciones Marva on 3 May 2017

Make the most of natural light with skylights.

When we build, one of the most desired things for our clients is to get as much natural light as possible into most of the rooms. To achieve this, the first thing to consider is the orientation of the villa. South facing is the best option as the sunlight will...
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Construcciones Marva on 30 May 2016

Tips on buying your new home.

Making the final choice to buy a home is exciting and challenging. After all, buying a home is a turning point in your life. That’s why Estate Agents Moraira would like to share with you a few tips to help you search for your home in a productive and manageable...
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Construcciones Marva on 27 April 2016

Do you have a healthy home? Check it out with these key points.

When you own a home, you worry about things like the quality of the materials when you build it, the location when you buy it or the style of the furniture when you decorate it. But, have you ever stopped to think about how healthy your home is? Here are...
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Construcciones Marva on 6 April 2016

5 Points for identifying a luxury home.

When it comes to buying a luxury villa, whether in Moraira or in any other town, thousands of questions come to mind: Am I really paying what it is worth? How do I know if this house really has all the luxury and quality that I am assured of? Will...
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Construcciones Marva on 29 March 2016

5 Points that influence the sale of your house.

At first glance, the sale of your house seems complicated and will take many months to close, but this is not the case. If you follow these 5 points that we at Construcciones Marva provide you with, you will be able to sell your house much sooner than you expected....
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Construcciones Marva on 28 January 2016

Every home needs a different type of window.

One of the most important parts when building or renovating a house are the windows. The right choice will help save energy and give your home the comfort you need. Windows are the link between the interior and the exterior. Therefore, the material you choose is important because it will...
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Construcciones Marva on 12 November 2015

8 Issues to consider when building a house.

Home sweet home’ How many times have we repeated this expression? At Marva Construcciones in Moraira we know that our home is our refuge, our living space, our den. If you are thinking of building your new home, you should take into account these aspects to ensure that your new...
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