5 Points that influence the sale of your house.

Construcciones Marva on 29 March 2016

At first glance, the sale of your house seems complicated and will take many months to close, but this is not the case.

If you follow these 5 points that we at Construcciones Marva provide you with, you will be able to sell your house much sooner than you expected.


The location of the house is fundamental in assessing its price. It depends a lot on the area in which it is located, the orientation it has and the views it offers. It is not the same if it overlooks the beach in Moraira as if it overlooks a busy road inland.  Taking these aspects into account, you will arrive at a correct valuation of the house which will help you to sell it more quickly.


It is necessary to go through the house room by room to check if there is anything in need of repair or replacement.

It is essential that at first glance it gives the impression of being well cared for. One point that would help a lot to achieve this would be to give a coat of paint in all the rooms of the house a neutral colour.



To create a good feeling for potential buyers when they enter, you have to present a correct and balanced harmony in every room of your house.

First of all, we must depersonalise its decoration, open all the windows to ventilate it well and a touch of home staging to improve its current appearance.



When listing a house for sale, it is important to price it fairly. It has been proven that homes that are priced in this way are sold before those that are priced well above the right price. This will mean that the property will remain on the market for months, becoming “burnt” in the eyes of potential buyers. We can prevent this from happening by launching the sale at the right price, no more and no less.



All the actions mentioned in the previous points, together with the marketing plan and the dedication and commitment of your real estate agent, will result in the quick sale of your house. But if, on the other hand, your real estate agent is not as involved as he or she should be, you will be in the real estate market for many months without results.

What do you prefer?

From Estate Agents Moraira we will help you to follow these points to get the house you want to sell in the shortest possible time. Never give up!

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