5 Points for identifying a luxury home.

Construcciones Marva on 6 April 2016

When it comes to buying a luxury villa, whether in Moraira or in any other town, thousands of questions come to mind: Am I really paying what it is worth? How do I know if this house really has all the luxury and quality that I am assured of? Will I be losing money? Below, we will reveal some notions to keep in mind to find out if the property you are talking about really is as luxurious as you are told.


When we talk about luxury in a home, we are dealing with a subject that is much more subjective than we think. Each of us has different standards of luxury. What is of high quality to me may not be of the same quality to the person selling me the property. Some people place more importance on the square footage of the house, the number of bedrooms or the size of the gardens. But for others, it may be more important and luxurious to have sea views or large windows.  In spite of this, we can reach a series of conclusions that can help us to find out if a villa is luxury. Take note!


  • The area in which the property is located can make it be considered as a luxury property or not. For example, if we have one of the largest mansions in Benissa but it is located in a very remote area, its value may decrease. This always depends on what the interested party is looking for.


  • Quality and fittings of the materials used in its construction. If the design and the project of the villa is impressive but then the materials used in the construction are of poor quality, this will have an impact on the valuation of the property in the long run.


  • Distribution and design of the rooms in the house. Everyone knows that the distribution of the rooms in the house is very important. It is necessary to adapt this distribution to the personality and needs of each owner. For example, if we are building the house for an elderly couple, the value of the house for them will decrease if they find many steps, very complicated stairs or unadapted bathrooms.


  • If the property has a series of extra requirements more typical of a luxury hotel than a private home, then we can speak about luxury in every sense of the word. We are referring to spa areas with jacuzzi and swimming pool or private tennis/paddle courts for the use and enjoyment of the owners. In some cases, even a lift to facilitate mobility between floors can make a difference.

  • But what makes a villa more luxurious than others is the possibility for its owners to personalise each and every detail that will form part of their future home. From the quality of the materials used in its construction to the complete distribution of each of the rooms. Your construction company will make anything that crosses your mind become a reality.


These details can sometimes help you to find out for sure about the quality of your future property, whether it is newly built or already constructed. But if you still have trouble finding out, don’t hesitate to ask real professionals in the sector. We are here to make it easier for you to think about the house of your dreams.

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